Various number of nodes in input data

Dear all,

I want to some supervised node classification. I want to ask if I can set the various input nodes number in the Graph? Due to some reasons, the nodes’ numbers differ from each input. For example, sample 1 in the batch has 5 nodes and sample 2 has 7 nodes. Is it possible to train such a graph?


Sounds like you can do something as follows.

import dgl

g1 = dgl.graph(..., num_nodes=5)
g2 = dgl.graph(..., num_nodes=7)
bg = dgl.batch([g1, g2])
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Thank you for the reply!

Is it possible if I train a graph with 7 nodes, and want to do node classification on a graph with 5 nodes?
I want to do Human Object Interaction detection, therefore the number of objects in the scene can differ.

Many thanks.

Yes, it’s possible. This is typically called inductive learning.

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