Using node embeddings after distributed training for downstream task

I have a distTensor node_emb that was defined as follows that contains the node embeddings i want to use for a downstream task.

    node_emb = dgl.distributed.DistTensor(
            if isinstance(emb_layer, th.nn.parallel.DistributedDataParallel)
            else emb_layer.emb_size,

as suggested Distributed Node Classification — DGL 1.0.1 documentation I have the ID mapping saved at partitioned time but the assignment

orig_node_emb = torch.zeros(node_emb_tensor.shape, dtype=node_emb.dtype)
orig_node_emb[nmap] = node_emb

gives error

orig_node_emb[nmap] = node_emb

TypeError: can’t assign a DistTensor to a torch.FloatTensor

how do I cast the DistTensor to a torch.FloatTensor for the downstream task?

Hi @rbrugaro, attach [<Indexes>] to convert it to a FloatTensor by collecting data corresponding to <Indexes>, for your case:

orig_node_emb[nmap] = node_emb[:]

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