Unable to use 'prob' to sample_neighbors in DistGraph

Hi all.

I found a problem related to distributed sample neighbors here.

First, I start a DistGraph and insert features ‘prob’ (DistTensor) in it. I want to iteratively modify the ‘prob’ feature during training for adaptive sampling. For DistTensors, they are all stored in g._client rather than in local graph’s edata. However, I found that the source code does not consider the prob in an online mode because it always queries g.local_partition where information is not updated.

This means that ‘prob’ is not yet available in DistGraph, right?

Is there any suggestions for me to update it? I’m now trying to fetch the updated features (DistTensor) in _sample_neighbors function before local_sample_neighbors.

Is there any other suggestions?

Yes prob is not available now but I think it’s possible to implement. One thing worth noticing is that the prob might need to be reweighted among different partitions. Image uniform sample edges with all one, if the partitions have different num edges, simply using the edge weight will make the prob differs for different partitions, which is not expected

I just realized the prob is not affected by different partition. Please ignore my comment abouve

@VoVAllen Thanks a lot for your help. I’m implementing it now.

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