Rust bindings for DGL?

Hi all, as far as I can tell, there are no Rust bindings for DGL. Does anyone know of any?

If there are no Rust bindings, I will try to implement them. I assume I would use the same C API that Python uses. This approach generally works well with Rust. Can anyone see any problems with this approach? Is anyone else working on it?

Hi, @Ross, there are no Rust bindings in DGL at present, it would be nice if you want a try. Theoretically the approach, using same C API as python, works. But it would be a heavy job to implement all APIs, so my suggestion is start by implementing only the essential APIs for your MVP. Then, gradually expand and deepen the functionality.

Hi @peizhou001 , thanks for the reply.

When I looked into it (and read the docs) I realized that the bindings aren’t that important, since most of the code is pure Python. As you suggested, I have started implementing (in Rust) the functionality I currently need.

When the code is in decent shape, we will (hopefully) open source it.

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