Random walk sampling on a giant graph

Awesome library, thank you for the good work!

I have a question about working on giant graph. There are about ten billion nodes in my heterogeneous graph, and I want using the metapath based method to embed them. However, before calling the metapath_random_walk, it shoud use the hetero_from_relations methods to construct the relationship, which consume large memory. Could you give me some suggestions to solve this problem? Thank you very mach!

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Currently we might not have very good built-in support for your scenario. Here is a possible solution:

  1. Sample subgraphs from each relation graph.
  2. Perform hetero_from_relations on the sampled relation subgraphs.

Is there an example to sample on subgraphs? or the library support the sampling on subgraphs by multi-worker? Thank you very much~~~

We have a built-in support for sampling subgraphs and construct data structures called NodeFlow. The sampling and construction of them is quite efficient. Unfortunately it has a different API from DGLGraph, making things a bit more complicated. You may find this tutorial helpful.

Hi, I think that ten billion nodes needs distributed solution on DGL, and we are pushing it. Please notice our release news !

Out of curiosity, what is your hardware configuration (memory, # CPUs, disk space, etc.)? Do you expect a single-large-machine solution, or a distributed solution, or a single-machine on-disk solution, etc.?