Pin Memory Handling in Dataloader


I’ve come across a few points while working on the dataloading pipeline, and I would really appreciate some guidance:

  • A standard PyTorch DataLoader requires a customized class to have a method named pin_memory to utilize it.
  • The dgl.DGLGraph has a method called pin_memory_ but not pin_memory.
  • The dgl.dataloading.dataloader.GraphDataLoader class doesn’t seem to do anything particular with this.

I’m currently working with small graphs, and my approach involves batching the graphs in a customized collate_fn of Now, I’m wondering if I should call batched_graph.pin_memory_() before returning it, or should I just return features separately (like return batched_graph, node_feature, edge_feature, graph_feature)? What would be the best practice that you recommend?

please call pin_memory_() before returning it like below:

    def collate_fn(samples):
        graphs, labels = map(list, zip(*samples))
        return dgl.batch(graphs).pin_memory_(), torch.tensor(labels).pin_memory()

    data_loader = dgl.dataloading.GraphDataLoader(
        minigc_dataset, batch_size=batch_size, shuffle=True, collate_fn=collate_fn
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