New data set: 1000 primary school science diagrams

Hey everyone,

I would like to introduce you to a new data set of primary school science diagrams that I created with my collaborators. The data set is named AI2D-RST, which is based on the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence Diagrams data set, or AI2D for short. To give you an example, the diagrams are like this:

AI2D-RST contains three annotation layers, which are all represented as graphs: (1) A grouping graph representing perceptual groupings of diagrams elements, that is, elements that are likely to be perceived as belonging together, (2) connections between elements or their groups that are signalled using arrows and lines and (3) semantic relations that hold between diagram elements and their groups, as defined using Rhetorical Structure Theory, an established theory of text organisation.

The data set is introduced in greater detail here:

You can also find convenience functions for loading the data from JSON files, and a PyTorch dataloader to be used with DGL.

Let me know if you have any questions! I would love to see someone take on problems like generating a graph given a set of nodes. The AI2D-RST only covers 1000 out of 4900 diagrams in the original AI2D dataset, so annotating the rest automatically would be awesome.

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We are glad to add the dataset to our repo! We hope to preserve the credit to you therefore could you open a PR to dgl repo for this dataset?

You could add a new file at python/dgl/data directory and import it at python/dgl/data/ We would help modify the file to make it consistent to other dataset later. Thanks for your interest in DGL!

Hi and thanks for the positive response! I’ll start working on a PR in October when I have a bit more free time – I still want to add some flexibility to the features that are extracted from the original AI2D annotation.