[module usage help]Negative Samplers for Link predction


Want to sampler (negative sampler~ ) for link prediction at bipartite graph(non-asymmetric graph)

i didn’t understand dgl.dataloading.negative_sampler.Uniform(k) 's parameters;

conceretly, how can i adapt my graph at proper the call module(g,eids) ?!

In my graph attribute is here,

return tensor([…])

return tensor([…])

return tensor([…])
return tensor([…])


Graph(num_nodes={’_U’: 11268, ‘_P’: 1664},
num_edges=({’_U’, ‘_B’, ‘_P’}): 323897},
metagraph={(’_U’, ‘_P’, ‘_B’})

then my question

g_m2 is my graph data

neg_samler = dgl.dataloading.negative_sampler.Uniform(2)
neg_sampler(g_m2, [0, 91])

Error message ; ‘list’ object has no attribute ‘shape’

and thus try that
list(zip(g.edges()[0] , g.edges()[1]))[0]
→ src, dst edge [0]

then happen same

what could i input them properthem?

Could you try neg_sampler(g_m2, torch.tensor([0, 91]))?

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that code works normally! :slight_smile:

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