Load_dataset for other datasets besides citation?

In the init.py for data, there is a function load_dataset that works for Cora/Citeseer/Pubmed. However, in that same file, there are includes for many other datasets as well. Is there any analogous load_dataset function to accesses these datasets as well? If not, is there a particular reason why that function does not support all of the included datasets?

It’s just due to historical reason, that the original GCN implementation uses load_dataset interface. Now we recommend using ds = dgl.data.CoraDataset() in favor of pytorch’s dataset interface.

Gotchya, so for Cora (and pubmed, etc) we should now use the dgl.data.MyDataSet() way of doing things, as with the other standard datasets in DGL. One more question: is there any way to programmatically get a list of supported datasets? Something like dg.data.datasets?


You can find the list at https://docs.dgl.ai/en/latest/api/python/data.html#dataset-classes