Layer norm for batched graph

Hi! I want to do layer_norm for batched graph, in other word, to do norm for subgraph of batched graph.
Do you have any ideas about how to use dgl to implement this?
Thank you!

Firstly, layernorm is performed at channel level so I don’t think the graph size matters.
If you plan to perform some sort of normalization where graph size matters (e.g. batchnorm), I think our readout module would help (where you could take the sum/mean/max/… and broadcast a single feature to nodes/edges for each individual graph in a batched graph).

Yes, I just want to know how to make the readout feature broadcast back to all nodes in batched graph

Do you have an idea about how to do broadcast?

We have provided broadcast_nodes and broadcast_edges in readout module.

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Oh, thank you. It really helps!

btw, feel free to contribute to dgl if you have finished a normalization layer, I think that would benefit many tasks if it works.