KeyError error message in master head?

Have a model that works with 0.7 release, then switch to master head b/c we need distributed engative sampler feature. Now we run into this error message (on a cluster of two machines, each with one graph partition):

Not sure what this error message means. Since it worked on 0.7 release, likely a bug?

Any suggestion? Thanks a lot!

Could you describe how to reproduce this issue? Thanks!

what I did is similar to what is in example/pytorch/graphsage/experiment/

I first partitioned graph into two partitions (using the default partition algorithm metis), then load them one to each machine. Two machines of distributed training. Given this error message, I believe the error happens when loading the graph partition, nothing else is happening yet.

This bug should be fixed by [Bugfix] Fix bug introduced by by classicsong · Pull Request #3234 · dmlc/dgl · G

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Ah! Indeed. Thank you!

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