Is it possible to make Multi hop message passing function?

I want to implement multi hop message passing function.
For example, give weight to nodes like Gaussian.
1-hop neighbor, multiply 1/4 (4:distance=1+1)^2
2-hop neighbor, multiply 1/9 (9:distance =2 +1)^2
3-hop neighbor, multiply 1/16… and so on.

but I found 2.2 Writing Efficient Message Passing Code — DGL 2.2 documentation this guide but here is just direct neighbor message passing APIs.

Can you help me to implement like Gaussian multi-hop aggregator?

Hi @ascd, from what I understand, you’re looking to assign different weights for different hops. Based on this, I suggest placing the weights outside the message passing functions, which can arrive at the same destination.

Thank you for your help

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