Installation problem

Hi, everyone!
I have tried many times to uninstall and use ‘pip install dgl -f’ to install dgl, but the version I installed is still 2.2.1, and I still received the error “Device API cuda is not enabled. Please install the cuda version of dgl.”
Does anyone have a solution?

Thanks a lot!

We’ve update the package path and it’s per torch version such as pip install dgl -f Please refer to Deep Graph Library for details.

Thank you for your answer, but I still meet the error “Please install the cuda version of dgl.”

Screenshot 2024-05-23 145808

I think for windows, refer to Deep Graph Library, the command is pip install dgl -f, but in, there is no such package for windows.

the problem may be same as this: Device API cuda is not enabled for Python 3.11 and CUDA 12.1 - #3 by Rhett-Ying

Are you working on Windows platform?

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