How to understand this example of dgl.DGLGraph.multi_update_all

[dgl.DGLGraph.multi_update_all — DGL 0.6.1 documentation]
the picture comes from here:
(dgl.DGLGraph.multi_update_all — DGL 0.6.1 documentation)

I want to know the details of every step, I have tried my best to understand the changing process of each step, and here are some of my understanding,【 dgl.DGLGraph.multi_update_all的理解_静静_jingjing的博客-CSDN博客】 but when I verified it, I found that the characteristic h value of the node game 0 was different from what I thought.

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User node 0 does not have any predecessors. The sum of 0 messages will be 0 then.

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