How to join the development and is there any roadmap? (如何加入开发,项目计划有没有呢?)


I’m familiar with C++ and is interested in joining the development. My wechat is a311155, thanks.

Original content in Chinese:



Thank you for the interest in our project. As we intend to embrace an international community, it is preferred that all the questions and answers are in English. Thank you for your understanding. We definitely welcome any contributions and feel free to discuss further. Check our roadmap for development. If you are interested in contributing models implemented with DGL, check out this thread.

(Translation in Chinese):

感谢你对我们项目的关注。我们的社区包含来自五湖四海的用户,所以我们建议使用英语进行问答。感谢您的理解。我们欢迎对项目开发的贡献,欢迎在论坛和github issues进一步讨论。我们在github上发布了下一步的开发计划,如果你对模型感兴趣,可以看看论坛上这一条讨论


We are also writing a developer guides. Stay tuned !


@mrunix The contribute guide is online here: .