Hetro GNN link prediction

Do DGL support hetero graph link prediction?

problem statement: Need a recommendation system using a graph neural network. We have to recommend skills to users based on their current performance. For an instant, if a user had already taken some skills and is current if we is taking X skill and their proficiency with X skill is 70 percent (or preform well with the skill x ) then he/she should be shown the next post skill of that X. if he/she does not preform well than recommend the previous skill of X.
I have the information related to post and pre of skill in the adjacency matrix (graph form), skill node feature, and user skill interaction data.
Which GNN algorithm do you have used for the recommendation system in DGL


If you cast the problem as a graph link prediction problem, then generally any GNNs can fit here. If you want some examples, check out PinSAGE.