Hetero_rgcn's results on ogbn-mag can not be reproduced

Hi everyone,

I’m working on the node classification for ogbn-mag dataset, and I’m following the instructions here: dgl/examples/pytorch/ogb/ogbn-mag at master · dmlc/dgl · GitHub

However, the reported results can not be reproduced, and I get the results as follows:

Has anyone meet the same problem before?

Thanks in advance!

What is your DGL and OGB versions? I got this with DGL 0.9 and OGB 1.3.2:

Thank you so much for the reply! I’m using dgl 0.8.2 and ogb 1.3.3

I retried and I’m still getting this:


could you try with ogb.1.3.2 and dgl~0.9?

BTW I tried DGL 0.9 and OGB 1.3.3 and I still got this result:
Same for both CPU and GPU. It seems that you are using the CPU version. What was your operating system?

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