Graph with 2d node feature


I have a graph with N nodes, and the feature dimension of each node is 2d (let’s say pxq), so in total, the node feature dimension is N x p x q. Even though there are multiple dimensions in the node feature, I think it still belongs to a homogeneous graph (an instance of dgl.DGLGraph()).
so I create a blank instance and import feature from networkx:

g = dgl.DGLGraph()
g.ndata['feat] = node_feat #N x p x q

But after I create the graph, it automatically converts into a heterogeneous graph (dgl.heterograph()).

print(type(g)) # <class 'dgl.heterograph.DGLHeteroGraph'>

I’m wondering why that happened. Thank you.

DGL also represents a homogeneous graph with a heterogeneous graph with one node/edge type. So you should be good (you can check g.ntypes and g.etypes to verify this).

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