Graph-level data?

Is there an equivalent for edata and ndata that tracks the graph level data? Perhaps a gdata?

Yes it is possible to just track this separate from the underlying graphs it’s own tensor. However, that adds a lot of overhead to the simple batch and unbatch ops.

Seems this was discussed three years ago, with an intent to support: Save graph_data for dgl.graph when batch feeding

Hi, there is an on-going PR ([Draft][Feature] Graph Data Object by ksadowski13 · Pull Request #4230 · dmlc/dgl · GitHub) . The idea is to add a GraphData object into current DGL’s data pipeline. Each GraphData contains a DGLGraph and many other graph-level objects. The GraphDataLoader will handle batching for users automatically. It is currently in a draft. We will put it to our backlog to track it more closely.

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