Edge weigh error

Hello all,

I am currently working with a heterogeneous graph, with which I want to predict links between nodes. However when I try to train it I get the error in the image. I don’t know what error I have, apparently everything looks fine, I am using the function: “”"
It generates embeddings for a given graph applying all the instantiated layers in the previous function.
data: Graph.
Node embeddings.

def getEmbeddings(self, data):
    x = data.node_feature
    edge_index = data.edge_index
    edge_weight = data.edge_feature  # Edge weights need to be reformated to match model's requirements

    print('edge features keys imprimiendo')
    keys = [key for key in edge_weight]
    edge_weight2 = {}
    for key in keys: 
       newKey = key[1]
       edge_weight2[newKey] = edge_weight[key]
    print('x: '+str(x))
    print('edge_index: '+str(edge_index))
    print('edge_weight2: '+str(edge_weight2))
    x = self.convs1(x, edge_index, edge_weight2)
    x = forward_op(x, self.bns1)
    x = forward_op(x, self.relus1)

    x = forward_op(x, self.dropout1)
    #x = self.convs2(x, edge_index, edge_weight2)
    x = self.convs2(x, edge_index,edge_weight2)
    x = forward_op(x, self.bns2)

    return x

Are you using DGL for message passing? The callstack in the snapshot is not clear. please share more details.

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