[DistDGL] Is DistDGLv2 open source?

Is DistDGLv2 (https://arxiv.org/abs/2112.15345) being developed as part of the DGL project on Github, or is it currently closed source?

I think it’s still under development and has not been made open source.

Ok, thanks for the reply!

hello dstoll, thanks for asking. currently, distdglv2 is in a private repo, but we would like to merge it to the master branch. Actually, part of distdglv2 has been merged to DGL’s master branch. We will define the timeline to merge the asynchronous training pipeline.

Hi @zhengda1936, thanks for the reply! A timeline would be great! Do you know if the hierarchical partitioning for GPU sampling has also been merged yet or is it part of the asynchronous training pipeline?