DGLKE Trying to Replicate Raw user defined KG Training but getting dgl.utils.internal.InconsistentDtypeException

I am trying to replicate user defined KG training command but giving me below exception. I am a beginner user so I am lost on the way now

this is what I run in python

import subprocess
    subprocess.run(["dglke_train","--model_name", "TransE_l2",\
                "--batch_size", "1000",\
                "--neg_sample_size", "200", \
                "--hidden_dim", "400", \
                "--gamma", "19.9", \
                "--lr", "0.25", \
                "--max_step", "24000", \
                "--log_interval", "100", \
                "--batch_size_eval", "16", \
                "-adv", \
                "--regularization_coef", "1.00E-09", \
                "--gpu", "0", \
                "--save_path", "./data", \
                "--data_path", "./dataset/", \
                "--format", "raw_udd_hrt", \
                "--data_files", "train.tsv", \
                "--dataset", "xxx",\
                "--neg_sample_size_eval", "10000"

                ], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)

train.tsv is looking like below tab seperated head realtion tail file

Beijing is_capital_of China
Pairs is_capital_of France
London is_capital_of UK
UK located_at Europe
China located_at Asia
Tokyo is_capital_of Japan

the error is below
File “c:\users\umitozm\anaconda3\lib\site-packages\dgl\utils\internal.py”, line 58, in _dispatch
raise InconsistentDtypeException(‘Index data specified as %s, but got: %s’ %
dgl.utils.internal.InconsistentDtypeException: DGL now requires the input tensor to have the same dtype as the graph index’s dtype(which you can get by g.idype). Index data specified as int64, but got: int32

It seems your are running DGL-KE in windows.
DGL-KE is not tested on windows platform. And it seems there is some type related problems there.