Dgl.contrib.sampling.random_walk_with_restart can not be used and can not be found in Docs? How can accomplish this function under DGL0.7.x?

I work on the environment of DGL 0.7.x, however, I found that
traces = dgl.contrib.sampling.random_walk_with_restart(dgl_graph, all_idx, restart_prob=1, max_nodes_per_seed=subgraph_size*2) can not work when I conduct such sampling.

How can I finish this purpose under DGL0.7.x?

Thanks a lot.

Hi, the old randomwalk with restart API has been merged to the dgl.sampling.random_walk API. You could specify the restart probability via the restart_prob argument. Also, highly recommend you to upgrade DGL to the latest v1.0 version :slight_smile: