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I am a newbie to DGL . Is there anyone who can help me explain in details what the following codes snippet are doing. These codes are extracted from the (line 60 ~ 85) in class EdgeSoftmax
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def backward(ctx, grad_out):
“”"Backward function.


    .. code:: python

        g, out = ctx.backward_cache
        grad_out = dgl.EData(g, grad_out)
        out = dgl.EData(g, out)
        sds = out * grad_out  # type dgl.EData
        sds_sum = sds.dst_sum()  # type dgl.NData
        grad_score = sds - sds * sds_sum  # multiple expressions
    g = ctx.backward_cache
    g = g.local_var()
    out, = ctx.saved_tensors
    # clear backward cache explicitly
    ctx.backward_cache = None
    g.edata['out'] = out
    g.edata['grad_s'] = out * grad_out
    g.update_all(fn.copy_e('grad_s', 'm'), fn.sum('m', 'accum'))
    g.apply_edges(fn.e_mul_v('out', 'accum', 'out'))
    grad_score = g.edata['grad_s'] - g.edata['out']
    return None, grad_score, None

This is the backward function of edge softmax.
What the forward function in edge softmax did is

and the goal of backward function is to derive d z_ij from d a_ij:

Why do we explicitly write the backward function? The answer is to speed-up and save GPU memory. However, you do not need to care about the details, knowing what it does and how to call it is enough.

Thanks for detailed explanation, really appreciate it !

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