Cannot pip install dgl with CUDA 11.3 compatibility

The DGL website suggests installing DGL with CUDA 11.3 support using the following command:

pip install dgl -f

However, this does not work. The version installed does not have cuda compatbility. Furthermore, if you visit you can see that this page is empty (there are no pip wheels).

I have updated the repository page. The original link might need some time to invalidate the cache. If you are in a rush you could try the alternative link as follows:

pip install dgl -f

Thanks for your reply! It seems like the link works now, however there aren’t any wheels for dgl 0.x.y that support CUDA 11.3. I think this was available previously (i.e. for dgl 0.8.0, 0.9.0). Do you know where I can find these pip wheels?

ie. version 0.9.1 should be compatible with cuda 11.3: Release v0.9.1 · dmlc/dgl · GitHub

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