Cannot find DGL C++ sparse library at /mnt/ufs18/nodr/home/liurenmi/envs/dance/lib/python3.11/site-packages/dgl/dgl_sparse/

Found some related thread, but the said solution of updating pytorch does not resolve the issue. I’m installing dgl 1.1.3 with pytorch 2.2.0 with cuda11.8. Is this a problem with the newest pytorch?

[update] I have further pinpointed that first pytorch version that causes this incompatibility is pytorch 2.1.2 (last patch version before 2.2.0). In otherwords, using pytorch<=2.1.1 does not have this issue.

DGL 1.1.3 does not support torch 2.2.0. A new release DGL 2.1.0 will be ready soon and it will support torch 2.2.0

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