[Blog] Batched Graph Classification with DGL


Graph classification is an important problem with applications across many fields – bioinformatics, chemoinformatics, social network analysis, urban computing and cyber-security. Applying graph neural networks to this problem has been a popular approach recently (Ying et al., 2018, Cangea et al., 2018, Knyazev et al., 2018, Bianchi et al., 2019, Liao et al., 2019, Gao et al., 2019).

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If possible, can you post links to Arxiv as link to abstract, not on PDF? thank you


Can you also add the RSS or Atom feed to the blog?

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For the time being, you can find the links to arXiv/OpenReview abstract below:


Thank you very much - I already found them :slight_smile:
I only wanted to make small “usability” suggestion - because sometimes, authors upload the newer version, and direct PDF linking doesn’t reflect this.


I see. We will fix this. Thank you for the kind suggestions.


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