Batch same structured graph

Q1. If my graph structure is steady, it’s only the node features different in each graph. Do I need to batch the graphs using BatchedDGLGraph? Because in the tutorial, they are all graphs with different structures. Just wondering if there is a more efficient way.

Q2. If there is no edge information and I want to use the attention weights to represent the edge connections. Do i just first assume every nodes are connected to each other, and create edge feature ‘w’ as the weights and use attention to update the weights?

Q1. If you deal with one graph at a time then you can use a single DGLGraph object and only replace features when necessary. If you want to deal with multiple graphs at a time, then yes.

Q2. Yes. When you do not have information of the connectivity, then you can first treat it as a completely connected graph and then adaptively learn attention weights.

Thanks for your reply, that clarifies my doubts!