Batch graphs along feature dimension

Hey everyone!

I’m currently using dgl.batch to batch a large number of graphs together. I know the default behavior is to create a single (flat) disjointed graph. However, I was wondering if there is a way to batch multiple graphs with identical topology and feature shapes along the feature dimension or possibly a new feature dimension.
So instead of offsetting the node and edge ids, the exact same node and edge of different graphs are accessed by the same ids, but different indices/dimensions along the features. I know it is a very specific use-case, but it would drastically reduce the number of edge indices necessary to encode a batched graph, thus reducing its memory footprint.
I know that PyTorch Geometric offers a way to do so by overriding __cat_dim__(), but so far I couldn’t find a way to do so in DGL. It shouldn’t be too hard to work around this limitation, but I was wondering if such functionality exists in DGL.

DGL graphs’ node and edge features support multiple dimensions, so you can just stack them:

new_g = gs[0].clone()
new_g.ndata['stacked_feature'] = torch.stack([g.ndata['feature'] for g in gs], 0)

That’s what I did as a workaround now. I was just curious if DGL provided any functionality to handle it for me, instead of having to do it all manually, but it seems like that is not the case.

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