API changes frequently

I have a very small suggestion, I think dgl can be better if your APIs change with some friendly tips.

For example, in version 0.5.0, there is a new API called create_format_ which is soon changed to create_formats_ in version 0.5.1. Then, when I run the code(after update dgl to 0.5.1), I just get an error object has no attribute 'create_format_' , which is really confused. There are actually many moments like this during using, and everytime I will goto your github repo, and check your examples.
So, I think maybe you can add some tips if your api usage changed, for example, ‘XXX will be deprecated in the future, please use XXX instead’

Thanks for just suggestions. Actually create_formats_ is the only API we changed in 0.5.1 patch (we think create_formats_ is more consistent with formats API: https://github.com/dmlc/dgl/pull/2126), sorry about the inconvenience.

As DGL is still in its beta stage, we cannot promise the API being stable across releases.
XXX will be deprecated in the future, please use XXX instead is more friendly to users, we did so for some APIs previously.
We would be more careful about API changes, in most cases our release page would describe these changes.

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thanks for your reply, anyway, dgl is a great framework that is easy to learn to use.

Apologize for this issue. We would avoid such scenario in the future