Any Support for Heterogeneous Graph?

I want to use dgl for a Heterogeneous graph, Is there any examples?

Heterogeneous graph support will be in our 0.4 release.

What models do you like to use on heterogeneous graphs? Having more models for heterogeneous graphs will be a great help for our API design.


Thanks for your reply, it seems metapath is the most common way in HIN, I found the following paper to be helpful.

Wang, X., Ji, H., Shi, C., Wang, B., Cui, P., Yu, P., & Ye, Y. (2019). Heterogeneous Graph Attention Network. CoRR, abs/1903.07293 .

Thanks for your suggestions. metapath seems a promising solution. We’re actually looking into metapath2vec. We’ll also look into the paper you suggested and try a few options. We’ll keep you updated.

Hi, I found that v0.3 just release, is there any roadmap for v0.4? And I found a branch is for heterogeneous graph, and document about the is available? Thanks!

Following is the PR for Heterograph’s API.

The roadmap for v0.4 is not ready yet, please stay tuned!

Here you go: . Heterograph will be the major feature in the next release.

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Heterograph will be a great release version. May I ask that how long will it be ready for an initial release?

Our typical release cycle is two to three months.

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Can you please say when we can expect DGL to roll out support for a knowledge graph? I would need it for my work on developing a recommendation system based on a knowledge graph.