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[Release] DGL v0.3 Release

V0.3 release includes many crucial updates: As a result, please be aware of the following changes: This is a companion discussion topic for the original entry at

2 June 13, 2019
DGL v0.2 release

DGL v0.2 just released! Many updates including new features, bugfix and performance improvement. Up to 4.32x speedup of GCN and 3.59x speedup of RGCN models! New APIs on graph sampling. Checkout our release note and stay…

3 March 8, 2019
Welcome to DGL community!

As the graph is connected, so shall we !! Deep learning on graphs is an emerging direction. Models, applications and systems are all at their early stages. DGL is the system effort to improve the productivity of such res…

2 March 8, 2019
DGL v0.1 beta release

Deep Graph Library (DGL) v0.1 beta has just been released !! The library aims to ease deep learning on graphs. Some core features of DGL: Versatile controls over message passing, ranging from low-level operations such…

2 December 8, 2018
About the News category 1 December 8, 2018
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