Unable to run the PinSage example


I noticed that the release version of DGL is v0.2 and some source code posted on Github are missed in this version. For example, dgl.contrib.sampling.bipartite_single_sided_random_walk_with_restart is called in the PinSage example, but it doesn’t exist in DGL v0.2. As a result, we can’t run the PinSage example for now. How to fix this problem?

In addition, I noticed that there is a small mistake in the README file:

python3 train.py --opt Adam --lr 1e-3 --sched none --sgd-switch 25

should be

python3 main.py --opt Adam --lr 1e-3 --sched none --sgd-switch 25

Building from source code can solve this problem.

Refer to the guide here.