Heterogeneous graphs, how does the HeteroGraphConv class use the edge features of each relationship

class RGCN(nn.Module):
def init(self, in_feats, hid_feats, out_feats, rel_names):

    self.conv1 = dglnn.HeteroGraphConv({
        rel: dglnn.GraphConv(in_feats, hid_feats)
        for rel in rel_names}, aggregate='sum')
    self.conv2 = dglnn.HeteroGraphConv({
        rel: dglnn.GraphConv(hid_feats, out_feats, weight=True)
        for rel in rel_names}, aggregate='sum')

def forward(self, graph, inputs):
    h = self.conv1(graph, inputs)
    h = {k: F.relu(v) for k, v in h.items()}
    h = self.conv2(graph, h)
    return h

I hope to be able to input the edge features when calling GraphConv, but HeteroGraphConv does not have this parameter. what do I do?

Seems to be a duplicate of How to pass in edge weights in HeteroGraphConv. Let’s move the discussion there.