Design docs for deep graph library?

Hi team,

Do you guys have design document for changes in the library that the community can read through?

I was trying to understand why everything is now a DGLHeteroGraph from the code and github PRs alone, and ended up quite confused, so thought I’d see if you have RFCs or improvement proposals that would make for a better read?

Hi @Padarn , having a more open and clean contribution process such as RFCs is definitely what our team is working towards. Things are moving fast so there could be some missing communications between the developers and communities. We are sorry for that.

For your question, the change happened in v0.5. Before that, as you may probably remember, there were two types of graphs DGLGraph and DGLHeteroGraph. This design is quite problematic because it fragments our APIs, making it hard to learn and maintain. Since a heterogeneous graph is a more general abstraction (a homogeneous graph is a special heterogeneous graph with only one type of nodes and edges), we decide to port all the functionalities supported by DGLGraph to DGLHeteroGraph and deprecate the old usage of DGLGraph. To be backward compatible, we also create an alias of DGLHeteroGraph as DGLGraph. In the future, we will probably rename DGLHeteroGraph class completely to DGLGraph but right now you can use it without noticing the difference.

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